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Why Your Fairfield County Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Fairfield County Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Have you thought about what you will do to help your home stand out on the market? This is one of the most important things that you’ll do as you prepare your home to sell. It doesn’t matter what upgrades you have made or how effectively you stage your home if you aren’t able to make connections with potential buyers. Thankfully this isn’t something you have to do without help. Many real estate agents are expert marketers who know the tips and tricks on how to attract greater interest from qualified buyers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a realtor to work with who is savvy when it comes to marketing.

1. You’ll make more connections with buyers

You’ll always increase your chances of success when you’re able to cast a wider net. This doesn’t mean that everyone who sees your home’s online listing will have an interest in scheduling an in-person showing or requesting more information. What it does mean is that you can raise your odds of making connections with more seriously interested buyers if you’re able to think critically about how you will create greater exposure for your home. You will increase your odds of receiving an offer above your asking price or selling your home in a bidding war if you have more buyers who are seeing your listing, connecting with your realtor, and coming to see your home in person. This will also help you go under contract more quickly.

2. You’ll develop a presence on social media

Everyone who sells a home today should be thinking about how they can use social media to their advantage. Billions of people use social media on a daily basis. Once again, not everyone who logs into Facebook or Instagram each day will be shopping for a home in your area, but chances are several of them are. Many realtors are finding success using targeted Facebook advertisements when selling homes. The benefits of running a Facebook ad campaign are numerous. These types of advertisements are extremely cost-effective, and Facebook will never spend more money than what you authorize. You can also tailor your advertisement to specific geographic areas and age demographics to ensure you are targeting the best possible audience with your ad. Facebook also has an algorithm that will show repeated posts to customers who have engaged or clicked on these advertisements in the past. They log the ad as relevant to that particular user after they engage with it the first time, and they store the user’s information regardless of if they reach out to your realtor or save your home listing to their own account.

3. You’ll learn how to better stage your home

Your realtor knows a great deal about how to effectively stage a home, and they will share many of their best tips with you when you begin working together. One of the first things they will explain to you is the benefits of investing in professional photography. Many people will simply snap a few pictures of their home with their phone and post those online with their home listing. These homes are less likely to get clicks and engagements from buyers for a few reasons.

Not only are these pictures less attention-grabbing than bright high-quality professional pictures could be, but these properties also tend to fall down the list of results when buyers are shopping for homes on a third-party listing platform. These services understand that the homes they show are a reflection of their platform, and they choose to include the most attractive listings towards the top of the list. This improves the buyer’s experience and increases the likelihood that they will come back to the website to look for homes again in the future.

Another thing your realtor will explain to you is the need to depersonalize your home. Buyers don’t want to feel like they are intruding in your space when they arrive for the in-person showing. Take down personal items during the staging process, and potential buyers will have an easier time visualizing what their lives could be like if they chose to buy your home.

4. You’ll decrease the likelihood of a price drop

Homeowners will sometimes decrease their asking price after their home has spent several weeks on the market without an offer. This gives them an opportunity to increase buyer traffic and encourage shoppers to take a second look. There’s nothing inherently wrong with decreasing your asking price, but some buyers will look at the price drop as a red flag on the home’s condition. They will wonder if you discovered that something was wrong with your home after the listing went public and dropped your asking price as a result. One way to avoid the need for a price drop is to do a better job of marketing from the beginning. This will decrease the chances that your home stays on the market through long periods of inactivity.

5. You’ll better utilize creative marketing strategies

Experienced realtors have plenty of ideas about new cutting-edge marketing strategies. They will share their insight with you throughout the process. One newer tactic that many agents are finding helpful is to film a short video of the home to include with the online listing. This video may serve as a teaser for an upcoming open house, or it could be a full video tour of the home. Make sure you don’t show so much of the home that people don’t feel the need to visit the home in person. This is when the buyer will usually develop an initial emotional attachment to the home that motivates them to take the next step and make an offer to buy the property.

Work with an expert real estate team

You can count on the Fowler & Sakey Team to help you successfully market, stage, and sell your home. Their team has a wealth of experience when it comes to helping sellers earn top dollar for their Fairfield, CT, real estate. They understand what today’s buyers are looking for and they can help you position your home to catch buyers’ eyes and generate significant interest. Reach out to their office if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market.

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