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December 1, 2023 | Fowler Sakey Team

December Home Maintenance Tips: Stay Prepared with Fowler Sakey & Team - William Raveis

December Home Maintenance Tips: Stay Prepared with Fowler Sakey & Team - William Raveis

Keeping Your Home Safe and Efficient During Winter


As winter sets in, it's crucial to ensure your home in Fairfield County, CT, is well-prepared for the cold and potentially stormy weather. Fowler Sakey & Team - William Raveis brings you a comprehensive guide for December home maintenance to keep your home safe, efficient, and comfortable.


1. Service Your Snowplow Machine or Book a Snow Plowing Service
Ensure your snowplow is in good working order before the first snowfall. If you don’t have one, now is the time to book a reliable snow plowing service.


2. Disconnect and Cover Exterior Faucets
Prevent frozen pipes and potential water damage by disconnecting hoses and covering exterior faucets with foam insulators.


3. Inspect and Caulk Windows and Doors
Check for any gaps or cracks around windows and doors. Caulking these areas can help keep the cold out and reduce heating costs.


4. Winterize Your Air Conditioner
Protect your AC unit from winter damage by having it winterized, which includes covering and insulating it properly.


5. Have Your Furnace Serviced
A well-maintained furnace is key to an efficient and warm home. Schedule a service to ensure it's running safely and effectively.


6. Detect and Block Drafts
Feel around doors and windows for drafts and use weather stripping or draft guards to block cold air.


7. Keep an Eye on Trees
Inspect trees around your property for weak or dead branches that could fall under the weight of snow or during storms, and trim them if necessary.


8. Get Ready for Storms
Service your generator, stock up on essentials like shovels, backup batteries, and flashlights. Being prepared can make a significant difference during unexpected winter storms.


Need a Pro to Help with Winter Preparation?
Preparing your home for winter can be a daunting task, but you don't have to do it alone. Need a professional service provider for any of these tasks? Fowler Sakey & Team - William Raveis can provide trusted and proven recommendations. Just ask, and we'll help you ensure your home is winter-ready!

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