Ava Fisher

Meet Ava Fisher, a skilled real estate professional with a psychology background and a history of top-notch customer service. Ava's passion for connecting with people, her restaurant management experience, and her unwavering dedication make her a standout agent. She chose Fairfield as her home for its amenities, proximity to the beach, small-town charm, and exceptional schools. In 2023, Ava and her husband embarked on an exciting journey, purchasing properties in Fairfield and Charleston, SC, and launching a property management company. They're hands-on in renovating homes for future rentals, showcasing their commitment to every aspect of real estate. Ava's diverse talents, from property management to her love for knitting and crochet, make her the ideal partner for your real estate needs.

Ava  Fisher

About Ava

Ava Fisher's journey in the world of real estate is rooted in her strong educational background. Armed with a degree in Psychology from Ohio State University, Ava possesses valuable skills that enable her to connect with clients on a personal level.

Ava’s professional background includes tenure as a manager with Lettuce Entertain You, a renowned restaurant group in Chicago. This experience instilled in her a keen eye for detail and a dedication to providing exceptional customer service.  Her decision to enter the real estate industry was driven by her passion for working with people and her love for her new hometown, Fairfield.

In 2023, Ava and her husband embarked on a new venture by purchasing properties in Fairfield and Charleston, SC, and establishing a property management company. Currently, they are enthusiastically renovating these homes to prepare them for rental. The experience has been incredibly fulfilling, as they've been involved in every aspect of the process, from acquisition to renovation to selecting design features. They eagerly anticipate expanding their property portfolio in the near future.

Ava’s friendly and motivated personality is her trademark. She excels in building meaningful connections with her clients, ensuring that their real estate journey is not just successful but also enjoyable. Her unique combination of experiences sets her apart. Drawing from her restaurant background, Ava understands the importance of efficiency and attention to detail. Her psychology education equips her with outstanding listening skills, allowing her to find creative solutions to real estate challenges.

Family is at the core of Ava's life. When Ava and her husband began considering relocating to Fairfield County, and after careful research, they decided to make Fairfield their home. They fell in love with the town's amenities, proximity to the beach, the welcoming small-town atmosphere, and the top-tier schools.  In her free time, Ava enjoys pursuing hobbies such as knitting and crochet. She finds relaxation and joy in the beachside community where she resides, relishing the walkable neighborhoods and the convenience of town living.

Ava Fisher is not just a real estate agent; she's your trusted partner dedicated to helping you find the perfect place to call home. Her passion, energy, and organizational skills ensure a smooth and enjoyable real estate experience, always with a smile.


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