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December 17, 2023 | Fowler Sakey Team

Staged Homes Sell 25% Faster — Here's How to Get Started

Staged Homes Sell 25% Faster — Here's How to Get Started
With the dynamics of the local Fairfield County luxury real estate market rapidly changing, quickly selling a home at or near listing has never been more challenging.
That's not to say selling your Fairfield County home is impossible. The Easton real estate market or luxury homes for sale in Trumbull remain popular among local and out-of-state buyers. It remains a seller's market. But high interest rates and economic uncertainty mean you'll have to work a little harder to sell your home — especially if you hope to sell quickly and net a lucrative ROI.
An experienced real estate agent and savvy marketing plan will help you attract buyers. Still, you need to make an impression on those home seekers to generate offers. And according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), few actions impress more than a well-staged home.

How to get started staging your Fairfield County home

Staging is a multi-step process. It involves decluttering and depersonalizing your home in order to ensure it’s ready for buyers to visit. The purpose of staging is to present a home that allows buyers’ imaginations to run wild and picture themselves making a home in the space.
While there's plenty you can do to prepare your home before listing, it's worth bringing in a professional to ensure the sale is a complete success. Below are key points to consider as you ready your home to sell.


Hire a professional stager to reposition your home

Professional stagers have become an invaluable resource for sellers. Working with you and your real estate agent (a good source for helping identify top local staging professionals), stagers address the bulk of what's necessary to reposition your home and appeal to a broad market.
Often interior decorators with a keen awareness of real estate and current trends market and design trends, professional stagers typically address the following:
  • Assess a property's current condition and aesthetics
  • Provide recommendations for boosting the home's presence and marketability
  • Oversee the project from start to finish
  • Create and execute the staging plan
  • Procure furniture and accessories
A staging professional is not always necessary, based on the property's age or the specific goals you have for selling it. If you want your home to stand out within the market and meet buyers' expectations, a professional stager makes it possible.


DIY staging

You, as the current homeowner, can do plenty throughout the pre-listing process to enhance your home's appeal — with or without a special staging plan. Much of it focused on cleaning and organization.
The more you can do both before and throughout the listing process, the greater the opportunity for selling your home at or near the top of the market.


Are you ready to stand out in a competitive marketplace?

One of the final takeaways from the NAR report is the number of homes that don't get the staging treatment.
A whopping 50% of respondents stated that their client's homes are not staged aside from recommending repairs and decluttering. Half of a market's available homes are not prepped for buyers, despite the clear advantages of a shorter time to sell and a higher price at closing.
If you're ready to sell a home in Fairfield County, contact Fowler Sakey & Team today and allow our years of experience and expertise to provide you with a better real estate experience. The team offers complimentary basic staging services, and if you’re interested in taking that to the next level, they can provide you with referrals to incredible professionals.

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