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April 7, 2024 | Fowler Sakey Team

5 Essential Lawn Care Tasks to Tackle in Fairfield County This April

5 Essential Lawn Care Tasks to Tackle in Fairfield County This April

As the weather warms up in Fairfield County, it's time to start thinking about your lawn care routine. April is a crucial month for setting your lawn up for success in the coming year. By tackling these five essential tasks, you can ensure your grass is lush, healthy, and ready to thrive all season long.



1. Remove Any Winter Debris
Over the winter months, branches, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on your lawn, blocking sunlight and air circulation. Before you start any other lawn care chores, take the time to thoroughly rake and remove all winter debris. This simple step will help your grass come back strong and green. Be sure to dispose of the debris properly - you can compost leaves and small twigs, but larger branches should go in your regular trash pickup.


2. Aerate Your Lawn
Compacted soil can prevent air, water, and nutrients from efficiently reaching your grass roots. Aerating your lawn - either with a manual core aerator or a lawn aerator machine - will alleviate soil compaction and allow for better circulation. This is an essential task, especially if you have heavy foot traffic or clay-based soil in your Fairfield County yard.


3. Fertilize Your Lawn
Fertilizing in early spring provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to recover from winter and support vigorous growth throughout the season. Look for a slow-release, balanced fertilizer formulated for your regional climate and grass type. Apply it evenly across your lawn, being careful not to over-fertilize, which can damage your grass. Follow the product instructions carefully for best results.


4. Mow Your Lawn
As your grass begins to grow rapidly in April, you'll need to start a regular mowing routine. Aim to mow your lawn when it reaches about 3 inches in height, cutting no more than one-third of the blade length at a time. Consistent, proper mowing techniques will encourage thick, lush grass and prevent scalping or other lawn damage.


By tackling these  essential lawn care tasks in April, you'll lay the groundwork for a beautiful, healthy lawn all season long in Fairfield County.


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